Introduction to Spyware And Free Spyware Protection and Removal

In today’s increasingly computer centric society, it is inevitable for viruses and spywares to be prevalent. Spyware’s are often a nuisance and need no further introduction amongst many of us.

Introduction to Spywares and Spyware Protection and Removal

The development of modern avant-garde computers, though lauded by many, has brought about a growing number of computer hackers and spyware developers.

Spywares, though harmful to ones computer, was largely developed and deployed for espionage missions in the 90s. However, the exponential growth in computer and Internet usage during the turn of the 21st Century has brought about a bevvy of spywares that has, slowly and steadily, crept into many of our computers.

According to a study done by Internet Giant AOL in 2005, 61% of surveyed users have been found to have spyware on their computers. More alarmingly, 92% of users with spyware were unaware of its presence and 91% claim that they had not given any permission to install the spywares.


Spywares that unknowingly attack our computers often cause it to perform less optimally with several spywares going as far as to cause a permanent degradation of system performance. In fact, some spywares have been found to rob you off your personal information such as Internet banking details and confidential business information.

With a host of free virus and spyware protection programs available for download on the web, there is little reason why we should continue to remain victims of such spyware infections.

Download a free spyware removal tool to remove spyware free of charge and permanently get rid of spywares that is affecting your computer – be it in a big or small way.

With the continuous advancement of technology, the sky’s the limit to the number of permutations a spyware can take. Before its too late, get yourself a free spyware protection program to prevent yourself from being the next victim of such malicious spyware attacks.

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